Checked out this Italian in hopes of eating some pasta. However, there was no pasta. Still a good place to eat.

We got the scallops for appetizers. Great choice. For my main, got the chicken. It was cooked perfectly (not dry at all). Also got the potatoes on the side.

For wine, I got something called the montecheubbsgd… (it was a black cherry type flavor). Thought it was interestingly light (but Ben said it’s because it doesn’t taste acidic.

Hana Michi

First meal of 2020.

I thought this place was great, with a good variety in their bulgogi bento box. I do think though it is a bit pricey (the below picture is $30, which is the price of some AYCE).

Obao (53rd St)

So we went here for New Years since I wanted Asian fusion. This place did not disappoint.

From below, all but 1 dish were amazing, and I would get them all again.

Some of the dishes below: pad see-ew, pad Thai, catfish, steamed dumplings, pork belly, and salt and pepper shrimp.

They also had lychee martinis 🙂

The one dish from below I didn’t like was the brown/red beef dish.