Thai Villa

An interesting Thai restaurant.

I got their lunch special, which includes a soup plus their version of sui mai, plus pad Thai. I thought the Pad Thai was ok.

Next time I think I’ll try their pad see-we.


A great Italian restaurant, with good food and a proper Italian atmosphere.

For the main course, I got the Ravioli di Aragosta (lobster and stuffed). Definitely happy with the meal.

For the desert, I got a crepe with ice cream. Also really good.

Slanted Door

This restaurant is great if you know what to order.

From what is pictured below, the crab noodles, the beef dish and the chicken spring rolls were great. I was not really a fan of the ribs or mussels.

In terms of drinks, the first one I ordered want great. The whisky sour though was terrific.

Galpao Gaucho

This Brazilian steakhouse was a great suggestion by one of my directs (as an alternative to Fogo de Chau).

The salad bar was decent (and really loved the soup they offered).

The meat selection was great (from bacon wrapped meat to cheese wrapped chicken).

Orenchi Beyond

Went here for Sunday brunch.

For appetizers we got the spicy edamame, the fried takoyaki, and the shrimp. All great choices.

For the main course, I got the Beyond Ramen, and added fish cakes. It was definitely a bit salty because of the garlic, but still tasted good. I did try the soup of the original Orenchi Ramen, and I do think is does taste better. So next time :).

Hudson Clearwater

Went to this fancy restaurant as the last dinner of my New York trip.

For starters, we got the seafood appetizer platter. Could not go wrong with it.

For my main, got the braised beef. Also a great choice.

For dessert, got the apple crumbled with ice cream. Also great.

Nothing bad to say about this restaurant’s food (my first cocktail though I didn’t like so much, but their old fashion made up for it).

Ichi Umi

Tried this all you can eat Japanese and Korean restaurant in Korea Town (New York), and thought it was decent for the price (apparently they also have a location in Menlo Park).

The rice cakes was probably overall my favorite Korean dish, and then the bulgogi (when it just comes out of the oven). The crab cakes and tempura were also not bad. For the Japanese portion, the hot pot was the best part (sushi was not super fresh).

One piece of advice, for the hotpot, always do the ramen noodles.

For dessert, they did have cookies and cream ice cream, which was fine for cleansing the pallet.