Walton’s Fancy and Staple

We got brunch at this place in Austin.

I would go back (as they have mimosa carafes), however, they completely did not have my order lol.

For brunch, I ordered crab cake and egg Benedict’s. I modified the eggs to be scrambled. However, they did not have the crab cake, so they replaced it with sausage.

Harborview Restaurant & Bar

A really great dim sum place (you can’t tell by the name, but apparently the Chinese name is more representative). Quality of all the dishes we got was great (from the Siu mai and hargow to the fried rice and chow mein).

Definitely coming back here for dim sum / brunch.

Voodo Donuts

This place had some crazy looking donuts. Ended up getting the Old dirty bastard donut (vanilla frosting with Oreo chub is and peanut butter). It was pretty good, but definitely very rich (and this, couldn’t finish all of it).

The Original Black Barbecue

We ended up going to this really popular BBQ chain for our Texas experience.

For the picture below, we ended up getting a pound of lean beef, a pound of pork spare ribs, half a pound of fatty beef, and a half chicken (with a pint of Mac and cheese and a pint of green beans).

Honestly, everything was ok (it would have been better if it was less salty). The house sauce helped make the food not taste salty. For the lean beef, I think we can do with less of that next time (half a pound less).