Bap Cafe

We went here for lunch in Reno.

I gotta say, this fast food Korean place is really good.

I ended up getting the Top-Bap with Bulgogi, an it was phenomenal. I also had some teriyaki Spivey sauce on the side, and thought that was great.

Tank House

We ended up going to this place for dinner on our way to Reno (for burning man).

Gotta day, this place was pretty terrible. I got the pulled pork sandwich, and it was extremely salty. Also, the old fashion was meh.

So, not going back here again.

Blue Blood

We checked out this place for drinks (which is inside Casa Loma). It’s also a restaurant, which I need to check out (as I was leaving, I caught a glimpse of a delicious lobster tail).

For drinks, we started off with a nitrogen infused drink (it had whisky and some other sweet liqueur). It tasted great (and our friend knew the bartender, which made it that much better). I also grabbed a second drink, but don’t really remember it.

The Keystone

We came here for burgers and drinks.

I wasn’t too Hungary, so I just had the cheese fries and wings, plus and old fashion (for happy hour, it was not bad).

Next time I go back I’ll try a burger.

Senor Sisig

Try various Filipino food, I decided to try this food truck.

I did like the food, but I think I got mild food poisoning from it :/. I ordered the pork sisig with egg.

Mandarin Gourmet

We went to this restaurant, and ordered wayyy to much food. However, food was great.

We started off with the Pu-Pu platter (Ben partly got it because of the name). It’s actually a great deal if you have more than 2 people (and from what I remember, all the samplers were good). What you get: spring rolls, spare ribs, beef teriyaki, spare ribs, crab cake.

For the mains, we got the chow fun with beef, and some sort of chicken dish. I remember the chicken dish being slightly salty.