Palette Tea House

This is a great American style dim sum place.

The lobster filled dumpling along with the scallop Siu Mai are by far the best dishes. Also, would get the soft shell crab and fish (pictured below) again. The deep fried dumpling, and the soup filled dumpling, and the green dumpling below were good. I would not get the swan looking dumpling (looks good, didn’t like the taste or texture).

Finishing off with the egg tart was great. As for the drink, I didn’t care too much for it. Also, even though they served various sauces on an interesting palette plate, I also didn’t really care too much for them.


Great place for drinks and tapas (not. Heap, but not super expensive).

The plates to nightlight (although everything pictured below was great): the bone marrow, yam fries, ceviche (shrimp and fish), a tar tar dish (name?) a sweet pudding dish (name?), and the assorted meat plate (name?, except for perhaps the blood sausage. The ribs and regular sausage were great).

For drinks, got an old fashioned and one other drink (not sure of the name).

Barra Barra Saloon

We went to this place for a quick drink. I gotta say, this place was pretty bad in terms of drinks. I got a mojito, and it tasted water downed, to the point I could not taste either alcohol or the flavor. The quesedilla on the other hand was ok. However, not coming back here again.l (although I will say the chips and salsa were actually good also).

Cafe Vergnano

After arriving at Old Town San Diego, we headed to this place for a caffeine boost.

This place had a really interesting coffee menu, with most of choices for lattes and mochas. I ended U.K. getting the iced hazelnut latte. Too be honest, I would get one of the mochas next time, but I still enjoyed the latte.

Tequila Factory

This place had a great view, and great good.

I had a Pina Colorado to start, which hit the spot (didn’t get any tequila drinks though. Maybe next time).

For appetizers, we got several to share. Also very good.

My main course was a quesadilla with chicken. Also very good.


We went to this Japanese restaurant mainly for drinks. The view is absolutely amazing, and the service was pretty good. Our server even let us play our own music with the speaker we brought.

I got an old fashion, which was ok. Next time I do want to try the food.

La Playa

This taco ship is highly rated on Yelp, and indeed it was good.

I got one beef tack and one chicken taco. The chicken taco was really really good. The beef was meh.

PB Pho and Grill

As per usual, I did not get a pho dish at this Vietnamese restaurant. Instead I got this stir fried rice noodle dish, which tasted great (they called it the combination rice noodle dish, which has beef, chicken, shrimp, and assorted vegetables). It tastes great, and almost like a Mongolian dish.

Bub’s Dive Bar

So we went here for 4th of July. Great dive bar that is pretty spacious, has the deer shooting arcade game, and the salt curling board game (plus connect 4 and a giant jenga game).

For drinks, I had old fashions, which were pretty good. This place’s specialty though is mules. Had a taste of the American one. It was pretty sweet, but tasted good.

For food, got a side of fries. Definitely hit the spot. Also, had a friend’s potato chips, which tasted home made, and I really enjoyed it (it wasn’t salty, and tasted crisp and fresh).

To end off, we had pickle-backs, which also hit the spot.