Apparently this place is the first gourmet burger place in the Netherlands!

I got the cheeseburger. Overall, the burger was ok, but there were two reasons I didn’t fully enjoy it. The first is that the bread was toasted (which is not really used to with a burger). The second reason is that I think the cheddar cheese overpowered the burger (Swiss cheese might’ve been better to use. I think though that other people would enjoy the burger.

Lo Stivale D’oro

We checked out this Italian place for dinner.

This place was great, but the one thing they lacked was a selection of meat. They have seafood, but you can’t order chicken, beef or pork (they only have bolognese sauce).

So I ordered the Tagliatelle with scampi. Overall, I enjoyed the pasta, but I think taking apart the scampi was too much effort. Still a good place I would check out again.

Also, for a drink I got an Aperol Spritz, which was ok since it was sweet, but it also had this bitterish type taste I wasn’t fond of.

Ribs Factory

We came here to get some lunch.

Overall, they had great ribs, and most of the sauces were delicious.

We ended up getting the mix-rib combo, where they give you all 5 flavors, and it is good for two people.

From the picture of the food below and the menu, the order of the ribs follow the menu description. All but the Mexican sauces were great (perhaps it’s because of the green thing on top of it). the two top choices is the Smokey Original and the Sweet Honey.

Na Siam

We went to this highly rated Thai restaurant for our first dinner in Amsterdam.

For a drink, I got something called Jonge Jenever. It is basically thicker than vodka, but a tiny bit sweeter.

For appetizers, we got the shrimp spring rolls, and Tom Ka soup. Both very good.

For the mains, we got the Yellow Curry and Pad see Jew. Although both were excellent, we were surprised that the Pad see Jew was not with flat noodles, and the sauce was different.

Also interesting to note is that they do hand written receipts.

Casino Barcelona

We grabbed some very late night (5am) food here, since it was the only “food” place open near the night clubs.

I had a pepperoni pizza (that also had ham on it), and it was very tasty. Couldn’t stop myself from finishing it. Would definitely come back here for late night food.

La Pepita

We ate dinner at this tapas place.

There were two dishes I really liked. The others I didn’t really care for or like (perhaps I was spoiled in the first restaurant we tried in Barcelona, Vinitas).

The two dishes I really liked were the scallops and shrimp dishes pictured below. The other dishes were artichoke, fros gras and steak, steak tar tar, and steak with mushrooms (first picture). I also got a mojito, which was not bad

Holly’s Ice Cream

For a quick snack, we stopped by this ice cream shop.

I got the smallest size, which is two scoop of any flavor. The first scoop was mint chip, which tasted pretty standard. The second scoop, kinder, had some kinder pieces in it, and tasted a bit like a kinder surprise. I was a fan.

Paella Bar

We grabbed lunch in this place that is in St Josep Mercat.

Had a couple of appetizers and of course, a paella. For the apps we got the lobster and duck croquet, and an octopus dish. Both were great. For paella, it was the Catalana Paella, which had sausage, chicken, prawn and mussels. It was also really good.

Tim Hortons, Barcelona

Found Timmy’s while walking around L’Eixample area in Barcelona.

I ordered 3 Timbits and a small iced Capp. The time it’s tasted exactly the same as Canada, but best of all, they came in a tiny box!!!

The iced cappuccino itself was a lot larger than expected (I ordered a small, and basically got a medium). The only thing I will say is that I asked for a shot of espresso in the iced capp, and I did not taste any espresso in it. Still great non the less.

Bun Bo Vietnam

Grabbed dinner at this place in the gothic quarter

I got the Bo Luc Lac (beef strips), and had the spring rolls with pork. The spring rolls were terrible, but the beef strips were pretty good. I also ordered a daiquiri as a drink, and did not actually enjoy it. Not sure if I would go back to this place again.