Vino Santo Bistro

Another great Italian place. Most people here were a bit dressed up (so we slightly stood out, but that was not an issue).

We started at the bar. I got two drinks, the first one was spot on (just the right amount of sweetness, and it was also very refreshing). Unfortunately I do not recall what the drink was called (it is on their cocktail list). I believe it was rum based.

For appetizers, we got the calamari. For my main dish, I got the lobster ravioli. Both were great, but I would try another main dish next time I visited (but as mentioned the ravioli was delicious).

Dumpling Time

Great dim sum place that also serves beer on tap. I got my Asian beer of choice, Sapporo.

For ordering, we ordered the usuals (hargow, sui Mai), pork XLB (soup dumpling), pork gyoza, and a couple of other things (pictured below). Everything was great BUT the picture that has the straw with the giant dumpling (called the King Dum). I didn’t like it because of the effort to eat it.

Little Skillet

This place is really unique since it is primarily a bar, but has some really good brunch food.

For brunch, I got the breakfast waffle plate (customized to having both eggs scrambled). I liked everything BUT the bacon. The bacon was wayyyy over cooked (not sure if that is what they were going for). Next time I’ll tell them to make the bacon not super crispy. I did however kill my plate (so that says something).


I really unique Italian restaurant, where their main dishes don’t center around pasta.

We ordered a bunch of dishes. We got the [kenne aged goat cheese, spring compote, sparrow brea], a salad with octopus, [garden greens, shallots, herbs, breakfast raffish, and red wine vinaigrette], the funghi pizza, and one pasta dish (pictured below) that I can’t seem to recall the name. All dishes were good, but what I would definitely order again when I’m there is the 2nd, 4th and 5th dishes I mentioned.

We also ordered red wine to go with our meal, which made a great pairing.

Yard House

I’m surprised I have not posted about this place before.

To start, we got the Poke Nachos. They are a bit spicy, but overall, very delicious.

For my main I got the Lobster Garlic Noodle. It was a sizeable portion, and although I told myself I would not finish it, I ended up eating the while thing.

We also ordered beers, but honestly, don’t quite remember which one (they were also Oktoberfest specials). In the past I’ve also had some of their sweet martinis and old fashions, which are all very good.

Update 5/5/2019: I got the Vodka shrimp pasta, which I’ve had several times before. It’s great because you can choose the smaller sized portion, which makes it a lighter entry. Definitely recommend it.

Also, we got the lumpia shanghai to start as an appetizer. Don’t remember if it was great, but I believe I would get it again.

Nama Sushi

Went to this place to try out some sushi. However, instead, I got beef bibimbap. Turns out this place is actually a fusion between Japanese and Korean. We also ordered some cold sake.

The bibimbap was alright (nothing special). I think if it was bulgogi I would’ve enjoyed it more. Next time I will try actual Japanese food from that place.

Update 1/27/2019: I actually ordered mainly Japanese food this time, and it was a good choice. We got the lion king roll, spider roll, chicken karaage, salmon sashimi, and potstickers. All were decent, and I wouldn’t mind getting them again.

May’s Vietnamese Restaurant

Shouldn’t be a surprised I ordered the pad Thai. Although unfortunately I won’t be getting it again at this pace. It was super salty. I should try the pho or some sort of vermicelli dish next time.

I will say though the fried rice that came with someone else dish was pretty good. Although they did comment they thought the meet was old.

Old Spaghetti Factory

So I finally checked this place out in America.

I ordered the crab ravioli, which I must say was really good and tasted. I will be getting this again. But next time I should really try the spaghetti.

Also, drinks were cheap (and not bad). I got an old fashioned for $7.00.

Lastly, a pro tip if you’re waiting to be seated: the bar open seating is actually a good way to not wait (although I guess you don’t get the full ambiance of the restaurant).

Update 1/27/2019: I went back here again and got the Stuffed Pasta, which had spinach tortellini and and spinach and cheese ravioli. It was alright, but definitely not as good as the crab ravioli from last time. Also, we got the calamari as an appetizer. I would advise not to get it again (it was kind of soggy, and didn’t taste quite right). Although, the ice cream at the end was good (forget what the flavor was called, but I was a mix of childcare, pecan, and something else).

Jong Ga House

This place was good, but you really need to know what meats to get. Also, if you go during happy hour (after 9PM), it’s only $25 for AYCE

There are two types of short ribs. One was good, and the other was not (need to go back and figure that out). Also, there was a really good beef dish, but unfortunately I don’t know the name either. But the one thing that shouldn’t be ordered (although I didn’t personally try it) is the intestines. Multiple people didn’t like it. Only one person did. (The picture below has the bad short ribs).

The one thing this place is also missing is fish cakes :(.

Also, one final note about this place is that they have this pre-recorded happy birthday sing that goes play almost every 30 minutes (it was interesting the first time, but then got annoying shortly after).

Update 4/6/2019: first thing, they do have fish cakes. But apparently they run out very fast since when I tried to order a second round, they said they were out! Second, the kimchi fried rice is a must. Wow, it’s good. Third, the yogurt soju was actually a bit too sweet. Maybe try the mango or strawberry next time.