Castello do Amorosa

I’ve been to the winary several times, and it’s a great place to bring people who are visiting San Francisco.

This time around I did not do the tour, but the tour is pretty interesting if you have not done it before.

For the wines, everything listed below is what I drank, except for the moscato. Instead, it was recommended that I try the La Fantasia. And I will admit, it was a good choice (and I actually grabbed a bottle. Also, the last chocolate (the red heart shaped one) goes really well with it since it is the sweetest chocolate. (As an aside, the free chocolates on the top left of the picture tasted really bad compared to the paid ones).

Also, an interesting piece of info is that if you don’t want to do the tasting, but you want to enter, you can pay $20 (instead of $30) if you “forget” your ID.

V. Sattui

I’ve gotta say this winery is pretty interesting. You can go and picnic (of course you can only eat the food you buy there), and the wine tasting is only $20 (plus 5 if you’re doing the chocolate pairing).

So for food, I got the Alejandro pizza. This pizza was very cheesy (and didn’t have tomato sauce). I liked it, but really could only eat half of it because it was so cheesy.

For the wines, I got two white and 3 reds (I basically tried to choose the most expensive ones). For white, it got the Sauvignon bland and the Chardonnay from Carsi vineyard. For the reds, I got the Zin from Black-sears, the Cab from Morisoli vineyard, and the either the Merlot or Syrah. The only thing I can recall that was interesting is that the Sauvignon blanc was sweeter than others I’ve had (which I enjoyed).

For the chocolate pairing, they only go with the red wines.

Gotta Roadside

We stopped by this place for dinner on the way back from Napa.

Overall, food was good. I got the cheeseburger with cheese fries. It was a great combo.

Also, I liked the vibe since it was outside, and they had space heaters (and they do serve wine and beer).

El Techo

Overall, great vibe (since it’s on the roof). Although there is only two things I’d be excited to order again.

First let me start by saying that if you don’t have a reservation, and you just show up, put your name down, and then go to Lolinda to grab a drink while you wait. When they entertain you that your table is ready, the hostess at Lolinfa will bring you to the El Techo elevators.

Now about the food. We ordered a good amount. We got the beef empanadas, the chips with guacamole, the half pound chicharones “carne” dish, and the pork shoulder quesadilla. From those, only the first two I really liked. The quesadilla is probably the only thing I wouldn’t order again.

Koja Kitchen (Cupertino)

I checked out Koja in Cupertino to see how different it would be from SF. And indeed there were differences.

I got the chicken bowl, and it was actually one dollar cheaper than SF. Also, the sauce that comes with the bowl is more spicy and thicker. They also gave a lot more meat.

And one thing to call out is the vibe. It’s sort of like a cafe, and they do serve beer. Will probably go back and do some work there.


We went here for tapas and drinks, and I would definitely come back.

We ordered a bunch of dishes. The best ones by far (although the other ones were good as well) were the mushrooms, the meatballs, the and the octopus dishes.

For drinks, I got a lemon drop. Next time I would try their specialty ones on their menu.