South Beach Cafe

Went here to work since they close at 9pm.

I actually got a breakfast item even though it was dinner. I got the ham, cheese, and egg focaccia. Overall, delicious and worth the price.

I also got the mimosa, which I believe had orange juice that was freshly squeezed. It was one of the best mimosa’s I’ve had!

The only complaint about this place is that it has flies. They can be distracting when trying to work.

Ajisen Ramen

Overall, ramen was good. I got the Ajisen Best Ramen combo, which had a good variety of meat (tender pork ribs, premium pork, and BBQ pork). I would come back here again.


This is one of the restaurants I wanted to try as I was walking along the Embarcadero. I gotta say, not sure if I’d come back, mainly since I didn’t like my main dish.

I got the penne, and asked them to add chicken. I think I was expecting more of a tomato sauce rather than an oil based sauce.

They also do have a full bar, so that is one plus (except no lychee, so I got a lemon drop).

The Striped Pig

Ended up here on a Friday night. We ordered 4 dishes between two people, which was enough. Overall, the dishes were pretty good, but the portion size was a bit small for the price. However, I’d still come back and order all of the same dishes.

For drinks, I got the Nonna’s Kiss (which was very tasty and sweet, and I like how the texture was a bit foamy/smoothy like), and the midnight fog (it was a tad bit too sweet, but I’d still get it again).

For the dishes, we got the wings (chicken was surprisingly not dry for wings, and the side sauce was good), the summer salad, the spinach dip, and the flat iron steak (got this one medium, which was the right decision).

Olla Cocina

Felt like getting some Mexican tapas, and this place had some good ones.

To start, I got the Mai Tai Pina. I definitely enjoyed the hint of Pina Colada flavouring.

For the tapas, we got four of them. All of them but one were good. From best to worst: the Mac and cheese, the carne tacos, the empanadas, and the calamari (usually I like calamari, but this one was not good).


Wow, this place had really good Japanese tapas (izakaya), and great lychee soju.

The atmosphere was also interesting. It was dark, they played too 40 EDM music, and for seating, you had to take off your shoes, and under the table goes underneath the floor.

In general, for the skewers, anything bacon wrapped was amazing (mushrooms, salmon, asparagus). Also, the sweet wagyu beef was good.

Other than skewers, the beef tataki was great, and also the “tako” balls (that actually had shrimp in them instead, which I liked better).

Also, they have $1 oysters from Monday to Wednesday (we got the ones that start with an “f”). And, if you check in on yelp, you get a free beer!

Kemuri Japanese Baru

This place was awesome for several reasons. One, it has a full bar, and two, the food was great (but not cheap).

For drinks, I ordered the Kemuri Manhattan ( I gotta say it was a bit too Smokey for my taste). My second drink, however, was amazing. It was the RWC Breeze (Vidka, April, pineapple juice). It was just the right amount of sweetness and tasted refreshing.

For the main dishes, we ordered the soft shell crab, the Kobe style beef (grill), shiitake mushrooms skewer, chicken karaage , beef tataki kale salad, and the uni paella. Everything was great except for the mushrooms (they seemed under cooked or dry).

New Mongolian BBQ

Walking on Castro street in Mountain view, we decided to try this place.

For the price ($16 for dinner), I think this place was worth it. They had the standard meat selection (beef, chicken, pork, and lamb). I thought the pork was a bit too fatty, but I guess most people would like that.

For the vegetables I thought the selection was decent (peppers, baby corn, mushrooms, carrots). For the carbs, they only had one noodle selection (I kinda wish they had a variety l, not just the thick noodles). They also had tofu, which I definitely enjoyed!

For the sauce, you want to do the house special mix (the original mix was ok, but not as good as the special).

It is also worth noting this place does not serve alcohol 🙁

Lazy Dog

Not my first time here, but this time around, I came here with my team.

Although this restaurant does not have as quite extensive menu compared to BJs, they do still have a full bar and I’m a fan of every dish I’ve had so far.

This time around, I ordered the sticky ribs and umami fried (fyi there is a similar order that has BBQ sauce. I didn’t get that one since I think the calorie difference was around 1000! And I still enjoyed the sticky ribs).

Update 4/6/2019: Ordered the Wok Teriyaki with shrimp. It tasted good, but I would probably still go with the ribs if you’re not trying to avoid meat. Also, got the wok calamari as an appetizer. Definitely I tell an app to order again. For dessert, got the banana pudding and s’mores cakes. I would get the s’mores cake again.

Lao Table

A great Thai restaurant I would come back to.

At this place we ordered a bunch of small dishes (didn’t take picture of any of them). From what I recall, we ordered the grilled calamari, the vegetable crispy spring rolls (I thought this was good since it was basically lumpia), the wings, and the khaw kai noodle bowl (this was basically chicken with rice noodles).

For my drink, I got their special (pictured below) called the pineapple millionaire. And yes, I would get it again (it had the right amount of sweetness).

For dessert, also pictured below, we got the mark mango. The combination of coconut cream and sticky rice, shaved ice plus mango was AMAZING!