Lady Saigon (Spark SF)

This is the second time I had food from this food truck. I really like the noodles from it. The meet (both the hockey and pork) is just ok. Admittedly if there were no noodles, I probably would not get food from here.

Also, one should note that I think the food made my stomach upset :/


So yea, this place was definitely worth the $35 (Canadian). It had most everything I wanted in an all you can eat sushi place (had sashimi, rolls, cooked food. The only thing it didn’t have was deep fried scallops).

The main “featured” dish that they had were the Torched sushi (which is the first two pictures from below). I would order everything again.


I’ve probably been to this place over 15 times, a and it usually does not disappoint (although it isn’t super cheap).

To start, I got a lychee martini (which they make really good at this place).

For the mains, we got the dimsum collection (and although it is slightly Americanized, I’m a fan), garlic noodles with chicken (getting it with beef is much better from previous experience), and chow fun with beef. With the exception of the chicken comment, I would get everything again.

Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant

A vegetarian friend was visiting, and we were hungry, so we decided to try this place out.

We got the hot and sour soup, crispy chow main, vegetarian spring rolls, some “beef” dish, vegetarian dumplings, and some “tofu” dish. I would get everything again but the chow main (and possibly not get the tofu dish as it was a bit salty for my taste).

La Mar

We went to this restaurant for a friend’s birthday. I would come back to this place, and probably order a couple of the same dishes (given that when I went there, I didn’t have that much of an appetite).

For appetizer’s we had the beef and chicken empanada’s. I was expecting the beef to be better, but the chicken one was really good.

For a drink, I got a mimosa and lychee martini (I was surprised they had lychee). I will say, I wish the lychee martini was a bit sweeter.

For my main, I got the Ariz con Pollo (roasted chicken). It was good. I remember being a really big fan of the rice underneath it (and the chicken wasn’t too dry).

One thing I will get next time (although it is a bit pricey) is the adobo. A friend had it, and it was better than the dish I got.