Martins West Gastropub

Straight off, I thought the food and the drinks were really great. The food portions is a bit small for the price, but still I was very satisfied.

For drinks I got a martini (not sure of the name, but it had grapefruit, and it it was still very sweet), and something called a new fashion (a sweet twist to an old fashion. It had some Apple liqueur in it).

For food, we got one appetizer, and three shareable plates. The appetizer was wings (which without the sauce, I thought they were cooked really good, not dry at all). The shareables were an octopus salad (also cooked just right), Mac and cheese, and pork belly toast.

Sundance Steak House

Definitely would come back to this place, especially for Happy Hour (which ends at 6pm).

For drinks, I ordered the lemon drop (it was so good I got 4 of them!). They’re only $6 during happy hour.

For the appetizers ($8 each), the shrimp cocktail and the calamari were great choices.

For the main, I got the $30 prime rib with the clam chowder. The clam chowder was great, it the prime rib was just ok (I’ve had better). I think I would order something else next time.

Red Lobster

Decided to go and check out Red Lobster.

Of course the biscuits were just as delicious as before.

The Caesar salad is what I remembered (not quality, but a good a appetizer to have a bit of).

For the main, I got the shrimp sea side trio with a side of lobster mashed potatoes. I gotta say, the lobster mashed potatoes wasn’t the greatest, and the shrimp Alfredo was not as good as I remembered (I think it wasn’t as creamy as usual). The garlic shrimp and breaded shrimp were as expected.

With that said, I’d still go back to Red Lobster.

La Victoria Taqueria

This place I definitely would not go back to.

I ordered the Quesadilla (I got the super flour quesadilla). First, as pictured below, it basically is made like a burrito (and I really don’t like burritos). Second, I think it was just stuffed with too much things. Third, definitely not worth the price.

If I did ever go back, I would try the super corn quesadilla (mainly since I’m curious if it would be what I consider a normal quesadilla, and also it half the price of the one I ordered).


This is a fast food Japanese restaurant in Westfield mall in SF.

I got the bento box combo. It’s good if you want a variety of things. I got it with beef. Next time I would get it with chicken (beef was ok, but I think the chicken will be better).


An American restaurant I keep coming back to, mainly since they have a lot of variety, and they have plenty of drink selections (they have a blender plus happy hour!).

This time around I got an old fashioned and the Deep dish ziti. The old fashioned usually has about two shots of alcohol in it, although admittedly it isn’t the best old fashioned.

The deep dish ziti is basically like a meat lovers pizza in pasta form (and I’ve definitely re-ordered it multiple times).

The Sarap Shop (SF Soma Street Food)

Tried this Filipino food truck, and I would come here again if I felt like eating Adobo.

I ordered the “I love my adob(r)o”. It was adobo with pork belly (not a lot of fat, which is what I prefer), with rice and a side of vegetables (the sweet corn and fried okra were a good accent to the main meal).

And I also did try the mimosa. I’ve gotta say, it’s worth the $5.

The Jerk House

I would come back here again. Not every day I try something Jamaican.

Their alcohol collection is only beer and wine, so I got a chardonnay.

For the main course, I got the jerk chicken (small portion, which was jus right). It was a bit spicey, but still manageable. It also came with some really good tasting plantains. The rice was a bit drier than I was expecting. Overall, I enjoyed the meal.