Overall, I do like how this place has a simple, yet intimate feeling when you eat here.

For drinks, I got the country lawyer and a Manhattan. The former was pretty good, while the Manhattan (not pictured) was pretty bad.

For food, we shared a bunch of dishes. We got the bone marrow, the steak tartare, the tempura butternut squash, the pork chop and the cheese cauliflower. Everything but the pork chop was really good.

For dessert, I got this chocolate peanut butter thing. I would not get it again. The other dessert (I forget the name) on the other hand, I would definitely get again.


This place was really good. We got this lobster pasta spaghetti dish with an appetizer of wings, and the combo made my day. Also, I ordered a Pina Colada, and it turned out to be massive. Take a look:

K Ramen Burger Beer

This place was a great place to get ramen, and also they had a full bar!

The drink I started off with was a lychee drink (I think it was called. cosmic something). It was not too strong though.

I got the tonkatsu ramen, which was good (although the pork seemed more like slices of bacon than regular pork).

We also got a bottle of champagne, and finished off with some delicious mochi.

Saffron Mediterranean Grill

Food here is reasonably priced, and mostly pretty good.

For a drink, I got champagne (and added our own orange juice to make it a mimosa since they did not have any).

For my main, I had the chicken kabob (it was a little dry though, unlike Oren’s). Someone else got donner (a mix of lamb and beef). That was really good (unfortunately I didn’t take a picture).

They also gave us free baklava at the end (which was good).

Puerto Sagua

Overall, I think this restaurant was just ok, and not sure if I would go back.

For an appetizer, I got the chicken empanada. It was not good. Also got the coconut shrimp, which was just ok. The sangria was also not very strong (and almost watered down).

For the mains, we got (from top, going clockwise) langua (beef tongue), oxtail, shredded beef Cuban style, and oxtail again.

I have to say the only really good thing was the oxtail and the white rice (the white rice was cooked in garlic and butter, mmmmm).

Nikki Beach

Overall, the atmosphere was very day clubbish, and they played great house music. The servers were very engaged (and also the type of guys and girls you expect to serve at beach club).

We ordered mainly sharing dishes. Food was ok, but I would come back mainly for the atmosphere of the place. I’ll let the pics describe the food we ordered (although missing from the pics is a pitcher of mohito and a pitcher of margarita).

Nusr-Et Miami

I have to say, the service here was pretty good. They replaced our cutlery after every single serving, and they even folded my napkin when I went to the restroom.

Now going on to the food…

So the drink I got is the Nusr-Et Manhattan. It was good (sweeter and more strong than the usual Manhattan).

The appetizer they brought was this meet schaschlik. It was really good.

From top (going clockwise): Istanbul sirloin, Rib Eye, and Rib Eye with mustard (with bone that had some fat). All of it tasted great (we ordered them medium, and they turned out medium well, which was perfect), but I think the best one was the Rib Eye with mustard.

Réveille Coffee Co.

Although this is a cafe, I ended up ordering a mimosa. Haha. I have to say though, it isn’t as good as Spark SF, and the price is $9 a glass. Perhaps it’s pricey because the juice is freshly squeezed.

The cookie is pretty good, but it’s also not cheap (at $4.50).

I will say the music is pretty good. It’s house music (really good for working).

Pagan Idol

This tiki bar is one of my favorite random bars in SF because of the layout, and the environment/mood/setting. I didn’t take any pictures of the inside, but I think it’s pretty unique.

For drink, I got a Pina Colada (too be honest, they put too much rum, which affected the taste negatively. Next time I’m gonna try their strawberry daiquiri).

To share, we got this fire drink (not sure what it’s called, it it was pretty good. It tasted slightly like a Bloody Mary since it has some pepper in it).

Edit (5/11/2018): tried the banana bliss, and it was also pretty good (and strong).


First restaurant I’ve eaten at in San Carlos, and it was good (but not cheap).

To start, I got the Apprentice sake sampler. To be honest, I don’t think I actually noticed any difference between the three sakes (and I still like the cloudier ones better. These ones were all clear). I do like how it was presented, and the wooden cups did add to the experience (they were surprisingly light and added to the taste).

We got the sashimi salad, which is a great deal (since you get like 8 pieces of sashimi for $17, compared to an order of 8 pieces of sashimi, which costs $32).

We also tried the soft shell crab and chicken karaage (which was actually cooked just right – not too crispy. Perhaps its the batter they used that was good).

For the rolls, we got the Jalapeño Hamachi (it’s pretty simple, and probably a California roll is even more complex), and the Great balls of fire (this one was really good. It was temperature hot and spicy. It had panko crusted spicy tuna roll with spicy mayo, unagi sauce scallions & tobiko).