Sweet Lime Thai Cuisine

Everything we ordered here was really good.

Tom yum soup:

Massaman Beef curry (so good!):

Pad si-ew (also really good!):

Cashew chicken (good, but my least favorite dish):

We also ordered soft shell crab, but forgot to take a pic (it seemed on par with every other soft shell crab).

Iza Ramen (Soma)

Had the Iza Ramen with grapefruit highball (it’s an alcoholic drink). The ramen was good, but the grapefruit drink wasn’t really great (probably because I hate grapefruit).

Sno-Crave Tea House

Ordered the Secret Garden with Lychee bobba. The drink had lychee and rose water in it. Mmm. Did 50% ice and 75% sweetness. It was good, but still a bit too sweet. Maybe I’ll bring it to 50% sweetness next time.

The layered cake below looked really unique.