I’m surprised I haven’t posted about this place. Basically we usually go here for happy hour (Monday to Thursday, from 4:30 to 6:30).

For drinks, I usually get the lychee martini ($8 during happy hour).

For the appetizers themselves, I have to say the pot stickers are really good, and so are the wings. The garlic noodles are good (but some people I was with do not agree). The meatballs are ok, but definitely not as good as the potstickers.

Duke of Edinburgh

Had a team lunch here, since it’s walkable from Apple Park.

For bar food, I found the prices slightly high. I ended up getting the fish and chips, which was pretty standard. I also had an old fashion to accompany it.

I wouldn’t mind coming back here, but definitely not a first choice for lunch.


Went here for brunch. What’s interesting about this place is that it is Korean.

I got the bulgogi bap, which of course I found great. I also had a side of bacon. What I should’ve got a side of (but tried from someone else) was millennium bacon. Mmmm. Also, tried the Korean fried chicken. Also great.

And what brunch would be complete without a mimosa? They did have bottomless, but opted to not do that mainly because of the previous night.

Overall, definitely coming back to this place. Maybe next time family style might be a better choice, since trying a variety of food made the experience that much better.

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine

We went here on NYE, and they had a special set dinner. Overall, I enjoyed the food, especially the pre-appetizers.

The one thing that did stand out was the Pad Thai. It was very delicious. I also remember the prawns being good. Although next time I’d probably go here not before an event that requires you to not be full.