Founder Bar

We had some quick drinks at this place before heading out to see Arty at Union in Toronto.

I only had one drink (not sure what it was, but it was good enough for me to want to remember this place by posting about it on this blog).

Pickle Barrel

This place I also went to a lot when I was in University. Unfortunately, except for the drink I got, the food was not up to par (I’m willing to go back, but definitely will order other things).

I got the lychee lemonade, which of course was great because of the lychee in it.

For my main food I got the French onion soup (or good at all), and the Pesto chicken fettuccini (which was ok, but not ordering it again).


Interestingly enough I didn’t take any pictures of this all you can east sushi place. It, it was I think worth it for around $30 Canadian for dinner.

It had all the traditional AYCE dishes, and you order them on an iPad.


This pub I frequented when I was in University. Fortunately, it hasn’t changed for the most part.

We ordered honey garlic wings (they were as big as I remembered), some nachos with chicken, and cheese sticks. The only thing that was off were the cheese sticks (they weren’t mozzarella, but some other cheese).

Also, I got a pint of steins. Almost tasted the same (I thought I could taste the alcohol compared to before. Maybe I’m getting old).

Pho Tran Vu

Gotta say, I thought this place would be one I’d go back to, but likely not.

I ordered the “Grilled Pork, Egg Roll, Vermicelli” dish. The egg roll was good, but the pork itself seemed off (like it was soggy. I don’t think it was undercooked since it didn’t have any pink). Anyway, my stomach was a bit upset afterwards (and I’m blaming the pork).

Esan Classic

So this Thai place is the most Thai food place I’ve been to (if that makes sense). Most of the dishes are spicey, and they serve alligator!

We went here kinda late and after a music festival, so I was not too hungry. I ended up sharing an oyster pancake, which was really tastey, and I would definitely order it again.